Site Visit

The purpose of visiting the site is finding the source of the problem and gathering a sense of what it will take to fix it, as well as establishing a relationship with the customer. Our goal as a company is to be a positive influence on the people we work for and with and the site visit is the start of that goal.

Schedule site visit
Locate problem (build relationship)
Walk through an initial understanding of problem and communicate the rest of the process

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Site Work

We will bid the job and come to an agreement with the customer on what it will take to complete the job and move forward with the work.
We will schedule a time with you and be sure to arrive promptly to go over again the work to be done as well as how we will be getting around your home.
We understand that this is your home and as guests we strive to be as clean and tidy as we can always cleaning up after ourselves.
While the work is going on, if we aren't on site, we will always be a phone call away understanding the importance of communication.

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Final Touches

When all work is done we walk through with you (the customer) showing you what we have done, answer any further questions, and ensure all work is what you wanted.
After that money exchanges hands and if we have done our job we not only have fixed the problem in your home, but have developed a relationship beyond the exchanging of services for work.